60% Weight on the Front Foot – Video

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  1. I came across this method quite by accident at the driving range so I decided to look it up on the internet and discovered your page. This method worked very well for me. I hit it longer and straighter with every club. and I felt more balanced.

  2. Hi Ross, Fantastic results using your tips, will definitely ‘sign up’ this coming month. One question, if I may; with the driver, do I keep 60% of my weight on front foot all through the swing?
    Many thanks and look forward to talking in the future,
    Jeff Whittam

    1. Hi Jeff
      Yes and the weight stays there and will finish with about 95% on the front foot and facing the target. One big helper is keeping the back knee inward and holding on the backswing. This keeps you from sliding to the back foot, and creates resistance to make the shoulders windup vs. a slide and arm lift. You must play the ball a couple inches outside the front foot for Driver, so you can will impact it on the upswing as you turn…NO HANDS flipping at impact or the ball will go left (right hander)… just keep the shaft in line with the front arm and turn… Ross

      … oh, and it rolls much farther when it lands with this angle of attack!

      1. Thanks Ross; worries me, playing the ball so far forward; used the rest of your method to great effect, i.e. resisting with legs etc. but stayed more or less level at address – loooooong straight drive, but pretty low, could do with the height so will try the ball further forward in tomorrow’s medal! (grin; fingers crossed). Amazed by the consistency of solid strike and especially the accuracy; no fade or draw – straight as an arrow. Your method works well with all the irons, lob wedge and sand wedge fly superbly well. Your videos are a pleasure to watch; sedately put over and to the point; sheer brilliance!
        Best regards, Jeff

        1. If you are worried about playing the ball forward, it is because your want to use your hands to hit at the ball or worried about going left (right hander). This method does not flip the hands or release at the ball… we are turning at impact… SO, if the ball does go left, it is not because the ball is forward, it is because your flipping, or your body rotation stopped and your arms/club passed your rotation. This is a good thing to know, so you can replace the flipping with trapping via your turn. …Ross

  3. Hi Gene,
    This is very similar to stack and tilt and its a swing that I used to play with untill I turned pro, after turning pro I had a few lessons in order to play off the back foot which destroyed my swing, in fact my golf has got so bad I almost quit, I am now practicing my old swing and hope to get back to where I used to be and hopefully play in a few pro events.
    Thanks for confirming front foot set up isnt a bad thing.

    1. Hi Mike
      Well, I’ve been teaching rotating around the front hip socket and keeping the weight forward since 1992. Many, many years before stack and tilt. The only common element in the two methods is the weight forward (they are really much different). The big key with my method, is with the weight forward, you can then use your body rotation to trap the ball athletically (not with the hands). The body mass and the arms/club all move the ball together as you just turn through.

  4. Weight balance is similar to “stack and tilt”. Are you teaching stack and tilt?

    1. Hi Greg (Welcome)
      No. I have been teaching weight 60% on the front foot since 1991. I don’t know Stack and Tilt and have never had a need to researched their method. I teach my own method I developed over the last 30 years.

    1. Hi Gene
      I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes I do teach private lessons. If you are coming this way, we can schedule some time. Remember, you can send me swing video also (front view and from behind down the target line)… Ross

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